Custom Copilot Fx Dubscope 8 step

8 Step Dubscope. Toggle to control the sequencer manually or automatic (tap), Toggle for 4 or 8 steps. External CV Sync Jack


Custom Planetoid and Broadcast

Planetoid with a Broadcast: 3 toggles, first one selects carrier control (expression jack or broadcast), 2nd one is for duty cycle (adds more off time on the broadcast to unbalance things a bit) and 3rd toggle is to add trem at the output of the planetoid (the waveform and rate is determined by the broadcast), also the broadcast has an out jack, so you can also sync/control with another device. There were a reversed trs cable with this built, so you can plug the exp out on the broadcast back to the planetoid (imagine the waveform is ramp up), and flip the 1st toggle and you can go from ramp up or ramp down. 9v battery snap was added by request of the user.

Custom Broadcast

Custom Broadcast, there's an exp in jack to plug an expression pedal, the stompswitch selects if the output is an lfo sweep (broadcast) or manual sweep (exp pedal), the extra toggle is to control the ratio multiplier via the exp pedal when the broadcast is in LFO sweep, as soon the stompswitch is pressed the exp then will control the manual sweep. (In the other direction the ratio is controlled via the ratio knob). This one was set up for 10k output.

Custom Dual Broadcast

Dual Broadcast (4 outs, 2 per channel) 4 knobs per channel (range, aux, wave and ratio), stompswitches selects from broadcast lfo modulated output or manual expression sweep (there's a exp in jack on the back) there are 2 stompswitches so you can sweep one channel manually while having an lfo sweep on the other and switch back. The tap tempo (black switch) is universal, but since each channel is independent you can have a square wave at x3, while having a ramp up at x1/2 in the other channel. Multiple outs for multiple fun


Cubic Preview

Here's a preview of the cubic an octaver with some interesting twist, clips very soon


HOT sonic MESs

Molecule with OSC mod

4 step sequencer and a long sequence toggle, very similar to the dubscope sequencer, set it to control an old version of the gyroscope and antenna, it makes funny noises also with the hot mess above.


Custom Copilot Fx Arrow Airwaves "Abandon's Alibi"

Custom Arrow Airwaves 2, have dual independent fx loop paths, one for the white noise signal and the other for the instrument signal. Expression jack for manual blend.


Custom Dubscope with 8 step sequencer

Dubscope, with a 8 step sequencer, it's only Low Pass filter (no Fuzz), knobs for each steps that sets the rate for the triangle lfo, knob for the Triangle LFO duty cycle.