Cubic Preview

Here's a preview of the cubic an octaver with some interesting twist, clips very soon


HOT sonic MESs

Molecule with OSC mod

4 step sequencer and a long sequence toggle, very similar to the dubscope sequencer, set it to control an old version of the gyroscope and antenna, it makes funny noises also with the hot mess above.


Custom Copilot Fx Arrow Airwaves "Abandon's Alibi"

Custom Arrow Airwaves 2, have dual independent fx loop paths, one for the white noise signal and the other for the instrument signal. Expression jack for manual blend.


Custom Dubscope with 8 step sequencer

Dubscope, with a 8 step sequencer, it's only Low Pass filter (no Fuzz), knobs for each steps that sets the rate for the triangle lfo, knob for the Triangle LFO duty cycle.


Custom Dubscope

Here´s a Dubscope with the option to use the filter section alone (without the fuzz), the fuzz also can be use independently, there´s a suboctave section to bring the fuzz one or two octave down, there´s a balance knob to mix the straight fuzz tone and the suboctave. The knob on the back is for the fuzz vol. 4 step sequencer/longer non editable sequence and tremolo toggles.

So you can use this as:
-Gated Fuzz
-Suboctave Fuzz
-Fixed Low pass Filter
-Modulated Low Pass Filter
-Tremolo Filter
-All the above together or any combination of them