Custom Copilot Fx Broadcast

The Broadcast is a controller for expression jacks, it changes the parameter back and forth, it has a control for range that sets the overall range of the sweep, there are 6 waveforms (square, sine, sample and hold, triangle, escallonated, ramp up) that sets the way it's going to go back and forth, plus a ratio knob to adjust the tapped rate (x1, x2, x4 and x1/2). The switch on the right is to tap twice the rate you want, and the other is to switch from an exp pedal (which is plugged into the jack on the left), so the user can control the exp parameter manually or let the broadcast do it for him. The broadcast does not produce any sounds and it only works when you plug into an expression jack on a pedal.

Here's a demo of it controlling the frequency parameter on a moog ring mod (note i did the video with the moog, because the user that ordered wanted to substitute his moog ep-2 with the broadcast, so i use it a moog as a proof that it'll work as replacement for the ep-2)


custom work in progress

Some work in progress, the oblivion is a 4 step sequencer, hot mess is a molecule and abandon´s alibi is an arrow airwaves but, it has built in a panner so it goes back and forth mixing original signal with white noise, the rate is tap tempo and has multiple waveforms to go back and forth.

Copilot Fx Mantis II + Caracol

An Octave pedal to rule them all. This is a Mantis II + Caracol + Clean Blend, the interesting thing is that all of them all running in parallel, so you have their separate bypass footswitches plus a master bypass (center), a truly awesome pedal. There´s an extra knob on the caracol to have a filtered fuzz. Rad pedal, it was built around september 2010.

Copilot Fx Molecule with Osc

Molecule, with an extra twist the knob on the side adds oscillation to the filter section, creating some weird rhythmic tones. This was created around September 2010.

Copilot Fx Orbit with Clean Blend

This is an Orbit, with an extra knob to add clean blend (original signal at the in jack) at the output mixed with the orbit tone.This was around august 2010.

Copilot Fx Electric Identity

This is an Orbit with a triangle LFO controlling the Exp Knob and some Octave Down madness. This pedal was build around early 2010.