Custom Copilot Fx Broadcast

The Broadcast is a controller for expression jacks, it changes the parameter back and forth, it has a control for range that sets the overall range of the sweep, there are 6 waveforms (square, sine, sample and hold, triangle, escallonated, ramp up) that sets the way it's going to go back and forth, plus a ratio knob to adjust the tapped rate (x1, x2, x4 and x1/2). The switch on the right is to tap twice the rate you want, and the other is to switch from an exp pedal (which is plugged into the jack on the left), so the user can control the exp parameter manually or let the broadcast do it for him. The broadcast does not produce any sounds and it only works when you plug into an expression jack on a pedal.

Here's a demo of it controlling the frequency parameter on a moog ring mod (note i did the video with the moog, because the user that ordered wanted to substitute his moog ep-2 with the broadcast, so i use it a moog as a proof that it'll work as replacement for the ep-2)

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